Photo by Rémi Walle on Unsplash


Compassion is a vital component of healthy, sustainable communities and workplaces.

The purpose of The Compassionate Leadership Summit is to bring together and to support the connections between people, organizations, and communities committed to the practices of mindfulness and compassion.

The Summit gathers leaders, visionaries, and learners in our region who are committed to bringing compassion and mindfulness more effectively into their lives and their work.

By gathering, collaborating and exploring, we will strengthen connections, build capacity, and inspire action towards a healthier, more conscious and sustainable society.

The Summit will feature two full days of whole-group sessions, breakouts, panels and diverse forms of idea-sharing, practical applications, and inspiring examples of compassion and mindfulness in action. Plant-based cuisine, beverages and snacks provided!

The design of the Summit reflects a commitment to diversity in views, contexts and populations, engagement in critical social issues, and specific take-aways for attendees.

Sessions will showcase inspiring leaders and practitioners from leading corporate and non-profit organizations, teachers and masters in mindfulness, spiritual and faith-based contexts, and writers, consultants and trailblazers in transforming our organizations and communities.

Proceeds from the Summit will benefit the Brighton Jones Richer Life Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit which supports community-led projects that address poverty, lack of education, and access to health care.